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Rodney Richardson arrested for rape and robbery of men he met on Tinder: Maryland police

Online dating can be dangerous. It is not illegal for a predator to get online and prospect potential prey. I talk about it often in regards to women being careful. I talk about it often in regards to men being set up and robbed by women. This is one that I have not talked about yet and it is most likely underreported.

This man, Rodney Richardson, met a man on Tinder. He went to his house, raped him at gunpoint. He then made him stay in trunk all night. The next day he got his ID, social security # and bank information and took $4500 out of his account. He did something similar to another man he met at a church within a couple of days. I am sure he did this to other men but they just have not come forward yet.

I don't think that the "world is going crazy..." People have committed heinous crimes against other humans all throughout history. I will say that we have too much easy access to each other. These dating apps can be great, but there are a small percentage of people who are predators and repeat offenders.

When meeting people online make sure you take precautions:

- meet in a public place

- do not give him/her your home address

- there are apps out there where you can present a different number. If you give someone your actual number it is pretty easy for them to get information on you.

- when you get someone's number, google their number to see if the names match up with the one he or she is giving you. If no information comes up, they may have simply requested to have their information taken offline, or they could have a different reason.

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