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Student Tricked Her Kidnapper Into Giving Back Her Phone And That Brave Move Probably Saved Her Life

This is an older story, but I wanted to highlight it. This is a story about a student being held at knifepoint, kidnapped, and she ended up escaping. When you take them from point A to point B, the chance of survival is less than 1%. The attacker even mentioned that he was most likely going to kill her.

To see the actual article, you can view the link below sources.

21-year-old student Jaila Gladden was kidnapped in a parking lot in Georgia. He followed her out of the store and asked if she had a lighter, she said no but you continue to follow her. As she was walking to her cactus he pressed a knife against her and made her get it to the car.

As they were driving, he pulled behind an abandoned church and sexually assaulted her. He then started to take her to the city of Atlanta. He asked for directions, but then she had a sudden idea. She said that she could not give him directions unless he had her phone. Once he gave her the phone, she immediately pings her location to her boyfriend and texts him and tells her that she was kidnapped. Boyfriend reacted immediately and went to the police station. Lee station coordinated with the police in Atlanta and after a while, they identified the car.

He crashed for the charge, trying to get away with the police, eventually caught up to them.

Terrible story, but it could’ve been a lot worse. Initially, you never want to get in a car with someone even if they hold a weapon to you. If they take you from point a to point B you have less than 1% chance of survival. This story here proves that even if you get into the car and you go from point a to point B there’s still different opportunities to escape.


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