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Texas 'Teacher of the Year' Is Found Slain in Backyard, Police Suspect Domestic Violence

She met him online and was dating him for one week. She had a get together at her home when they got into an argument. The friends left in fear of their own safety. If they did not feel safe then why did they leave her alone? I was not there, but if you are not a fighter, at least call the authorities if you think it is going to be unsafe.

Charvas Thompson has a violent past.

2022 - charge with assault with his ex girlfriend. He punched her in the face.

2021 - Drug Charge

2018 - theft charge

I do not have the time to dig into his entire past, but if was able to find that pretty quickly but if I was able to find this then there are probably other things.

If you meet someone on a dating app, hold off for a time and meet them in a public place and not at your home or their home.

I do not say this to blame the woman, but I say this when a tragedy happens, but I also say this when there is no tragedy at the moment. I hate seeing things like this happen.

A suspect has been arrested in the alleged slaying of a 28-year-old Texas woman who was named 2021's "Teacher of the Year" at the elementary school where she taught.

On Jan. 12, Sugar Land, Texas police said Charvas Thompson, 26, of Houston, had been arrested and charged in the murder of Wendy Duan.

Duan had been dating Thompson for only a week before she was shot and killed, the police statement says. Witnesses allegedly told police an argument had preceded the shooting, after which Thompson was reportedly seen driving away in his vehicle.

At about 9:50 p.m. on Saturday, while responding to calls about a shooting, police found Duan dead in her Sugar Land backyard with multiple gunshot wounds, multiple outlets report.

Duan's neighbor Tony Thomas told ABC13 he heard "four very distinct gunshots." Thomas said, "It was quite scary at the moment, so I dropped everything I was doing, came outside."

"It's very sad … she's very young and vibrant and … we're all very sad about it," neighbor Saly Thomas said, according to KHOU.

Duan was a third grade reading and language arts teacher at Boone Elementary School in Houston. In December 2021, she posted on Facebook about being named the school's Teacher of the Year, writing: "I still can't believe that I won ESL teacher of the year lol The whole time I kept telling people that there's no way that I would win, especially going against other teachers who have been teaching way longer than I have. Thanks to the people who believed in me and voted for me!"

The educator's Twitter account was largely dedicated to photos praising her students and fellow teachers, with many expressions of her enthusiasm for her job. One 2021 tweet read, "Great things that happened last week! My students referred back to their MyBooks to help them with their plot structure assignment! #duallanguage #2ndgrade #hmh #readingisfun #ela"

Crisis counseling teams are now in place at Boone Elementary to aid students and staff in the aftermath of Daun's death.


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