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Video of fatal shootout involving New Mexico State’s Mike Peake released

Surveillance footage of a fatal shootout involving New Mexico State basketball player Mike Peake has been released. Peake got into a brawl involving students from in-state rival University of New Mexico when the two schools played each other in football in October. When New Mexico State traveled to New Mexico for a basketball game that was scheduled for Nov. 19, Peake was lured into what he believed would be a sexual encounter by a 17-year-old girl and was ambushed by three men in apparent retaliation for the fight at the football game. The video shows Peake being attacked by a man with a baseball bat and as he ran away he became embroiled in a shootout with the assailants. Peake was shot in the leg and sustained injuries that has required multiple surgeries. In the crossfire, he shot and killed 19-year-old Brandon Travis.

The first still shot shows Mike being lured by a 17 year old girl. On the middle left you see Brandon running up on him to engage in a fight. I believe one of the assailants had a baseball bat.

Mike tries to run, this is when Brandon shot him in the leg. Mike turns around and returns fire, the shots were fatal.

This is Mike coming back to pick up an item.

Brandon lost his life and Mike's life is forever changed. Why?

I remember playing football at a small division II school. Our rivals were right across the street. The night before the game their whole team came onto our campus and crashed one of our pre game events. They were all wearing their jackets etc... A huge team fight could have easily broken out. We were all aware of that. We talked a little noise and that was it. Never would I ever imagine beating someone up, and then being lured out by a 17 year old girl (which I already feel the need to bring a gun). Or on the other end I would never imagine someone getting the best of me so I use a 17 year old girl as a honey trap and jump someone where we bring a baseball bat and a gun to the fight.

Both of these young men made it out of whatever environment they were in, but brought a similar mentality to a University.

Tragic situation all the way around.

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