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Teen Used Ladder to See Girl Before Fatally Shooting Her Dad 🤔

34 yr old Man Catches 17 yr old With His 14 Yr Old Daughter. 17 yr old Kills Dad? 🤔

Teen used ladder to see girl in Louisiana home before fatally shooting her dad, police say.

Hamilton, a well-known area businessman, died in his living room, and the teen was injured after shots were fired, McDavid said. McDavid said Thursday that the teen, whom he didn't name, and Hamilton shot at each other about 25 minutes after Hamilton caught the boy hiding in a closet and took him downstairs to speak to him. The teen was there to see Hamilton's 14-year-old daughter, McDavid said. Hamilton was alerted to the boy in his home by a neighbor who saw the teen "going into the window," McDavid said.

25 years ago if a kid was confronted by the dad he ran! or it was "Yes sir, no sir" when he was confronted.

Now, the kids will be up in your house like they own the place, and they walk around armed. The game has changed. If I caught a boy in my home, I probably would have confronted him to. I would have tried to get him to come downstairs and we talk, I call his parents etc....

Now I have to consider "is this kid armed?" And treat the young man as a fatal threat. then the question is

"A.J. he is just 17, why did you dislocate his shoulder? why did you immediately choke him out he is just a kid..."

I would sound crazy if I said "I felt my life was in danger..."

this family's life is forever altered. what now? hopefully both teenagers feel remorse. and I hope she does not go back to him

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