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Texas man accused of planning to rob a jackpot winner at WinStar World Casino

"A Texas man is accused of planning to rob a woman who won big at WinStar World Casino and Resort.

Lighthorse police arrested 19-year-old John Dymond at the casino last week, according to court documents.

Dymond planned to steal from the unidentified woman that cashed out after hitting a jackpot, the documents said.

Dymond is also accused of planning to sell Xanax at the casino.."

This story is just a reminder to keep your head on a swivel. This young man was trying to sell Xanax, saw an opportunity and tried to rob a jackpot winner.

They don't have details of how they caught him. On one end I wish they shared this so we could know what safety measures we could take, but on the other end I understand. If they give up their methods then criminals will find a way around it.

On another note, I hope the young man can turn things around. He still has time. 🙏🏾

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