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The Mobile Titan Workout

3 rounds

:25 pvc pipe shoulder pass through

:25 pvc pipe good mornings

3 rounds

:25 froggers

:25 squat to hip rotation

3 rounds

250 m row

:60 skier

:60 side lunge

2 exercises: 30s work / 30s mobility, alternate between 2 exercises for 5 rounds then move to the next two

  • Static kneeling quad stretch/ rear foot elevated lunge

  • Kneeling lat stretch/close arm lat pull down

  • Standing wide leg hamstring stretch/ heel elevated squat

  • Barbell stiff / pigeon stretch

  • Close arm lat pull down / crossover lat stretch

  • Weight calve raise/ static spider man stretch

3 rounds

:20 side plank

:20 side plank

:20 ab roller

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