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Wife attacks Thai sex worker she found having sex with her husband

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

I am not sure if this woman was local or if they were on vacation. This woman found out that her husband was going to the brothel. After her husband left the brothel she issued a beatdown on the woman and she stripped her naked.

I cannot speak on the pain and betrayal she is feeling but I will speak on this from a self defense perspective because that is what I do. First off, I know this went down in Thailand, but there are plenty of women in America doing something similar. It may not be in a brothel, but these types of transactions happen through websites like "seeking arrangements" and simple transactions through cash app and Venmo.

The wife - at this point the best thing to do is to get evidence and go to your lawyer. If you run up in a place like this then you are putting your life at risk. What if the woman was not so small? what if she was a brawler? what if she was armed? What if the Brothel had security, or if the security was the type that is used to handling issues? She could have easily been deleted by any one of those. Also what is the husbands demeanor? Would he retaliate? I am just asking questions in regards to personal safety.

The Sex Worker - Again, this is in Thailand, but I know for a fact that there are young women in America that are entrepreneurs in this type of work. If you know that someone is married, or even if you don't know the wife or girlfriend may come for you? It is too easy to die when it comes to messing with someone else's husband. I would not recommend this type of work but if you do then you better have safety measures in place. You better know how to defend yourself and prevent attacks before they happen.

Husband - The wife found the pictures on his phone. Avoiding this type of behavior eliminates all of the consequences that comes along with this. Temptation is always out there. It is easier than ever due to social media. First off you can easily lose your life from the wife's retribution, you can be robbed and kill from being set up by the prostitute, or you can catch an uncurable STD.

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