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50 Minutes of Fun

do 5 sets of :35s/ 25s then move to the next. Some stations you will alternate between the 1st exercise and 2nd exercise. The 1st exercise is always 35s and the 2nd is always 25s. If it states 'rest' then you rest for 25s

5 * :35s/ 25s then move to next. (Warm up included)

1. Alternative Glute bridge / leg lift (knees bent)

2. 1 side lunge + 1 inch worm/ squat to Frankenstein

3. Row/ squat

4. Heel elevated shoulder loaded squat/ rest

5. 2 arm circles + 1 push up/ rest

6. Barbell Sumo deadlifts/ rest

7. DB Push press/ rest

8. 1 arm 1 leg db step ups/ calve raise in between (alternated last set)

9. 5 bo rows 1 hand posted on bench feet wide/ rest

10. Tricep extension/ rest

Self Defense Overview

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