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Man Charged With Stalking a Local Tik Tok Star

Younger people live in a time where it's no big deal to give your information.

Ayo Rosh Eniwaye works at a convenience store. Helena walks into the store and he immediately walks up to her and ask her for her social media information.... and she gave it to him.

He immediately starts to send her inappropriate messages.

You want to make it as difficult as possible to obtain your information.

Check out full story below.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A man is in custody after a woman says she was stalked by him for several months.

Police say an investigation began Dec. 30, 2023 after the victim named Helena reported that a known man was stalking her and sending written threats to harm her and was violating an active injunction. News4Jax is only using the victim’s first name.

The woman was granted an injunction for protection against Ayo Rosh Eniwaye, 31, which prohibited any contact.

JSO says the two met months prior when Helena met Ayo at a Southside convenience store where he was employed. She says he ran over to her and asked for her social media information.

“At the time I was shocked from what had happened,” says Helena as she detailed her experience on social media. “I made the very unfortunate decision to give him my phone when he reached for it. He put in his Instagram information and we said goodbye.”

Helena said within minutes of the encounter she began getting multiple inappropriate messages of a sexual nature. After numerous unsolicited contacts from Eniwayne she requested and was granted a permanent injunction for protection.

“I began to receive very strange messages from an account I didn’t know. I’m used to getting backlash but this was exceptional. It defended the man to the point it became clear that it was him.”

Authorities say after the injunction, Eniwaye created numerous TikTok accounts to make threats. In recent weeks Helena began getting threats that claimed to know where she lived and even provided her address and “He would be coming to pay her a visit.”

JSO arrested Eniwaye at an apartment complex on Promenade Way on Jan. 26. He is charged with Aggravated Stalking and Violation of Injunction – Stalking.

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